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Tonobeb is a dice game described in the premier issue of Gameplay Magazine (February 1983). The game is played on a 7 square by 14 square board. The dice are not rolled, but instead moved around the board as pieces. Each player starts with six dice. one of each pip-strength from 1 to 6 in opposite corners of the board. Pieces move horizontally or vertically the number of spaces shown on the top face of each die, or one space more or one less. If moved more or less the value, of the die is changed to show the actual number of spaces moved. Units can be eliminated from play in one of three ways called "smashing", "capturing" and "fourwalling". "Smashing" is landing on an opposing piece by exact count, removing it from play. Pieces are captured by placing opposing pieces on either side, adjacent, and replacing it with a die of the opposing player's color. "Fourwalling" is blocking a piece from moving its required number of spaces in every direction. Fourwalled pieces are removed from play. The object of the game is to eliminate all oposing pieces.

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